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"Sliiide" is Coming Soon!

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Announcing "Atom & Eve"

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Welcome To SkopWorks

Welcome to the official website of SkopWorks Inc., we’d like to extend a welcome to all our fellow Skops, whether your journey to get here was a long one or not.

Unfamiliar with what a Skop is? A Skop (or Scop) is a story teller, a tale spinner, an adventurer after a long trip with a legend to tell. A Skop is an artist of storytelling, and we here at SkopWorks are a modern extension of that noble lifestyle.

SkopWorks is a game development studio which aims to perfect the art of storytelling through gameplay, and deliver an effective convergence of both story and game.

So come have a seat by the warm campfire—or bright LCD screen- and listen to our tale as it unfolds.

It all started with a bang…